Raster Files

Pac-n-Zoom® can read from these file formats.
*.bmp *.cdl *.iff *.jpg *.pnh *.pnz

Pac-n-Zoom® can write to these file formats.
*.bmp *.cdl *.iff *.pnh *.pnz *.pzg

Comma Delimited File :
A file format that is database friendly. It is used mostly for debug. It uses the following format.

The input file format for a comma delimited file (*.CDL) will be a rows of red, green, and blue. The pixels are delimited by commas. The lines are delimited by periods. The text following a semicolon (but on the same line) is a comment. The following is a sample of the format. The red, green, and blue would have values of one, two, and three respectively. The sample is one row that is six columns wide.

001,001,001,001,001,001.; Red
002,002,002,002,002,002.; Green
003,003,003,003,003,003.; Blue

Pac-n-Zoom Hex File :
The primary use of the Pac-n-Zoom hex file is to debug type 2 Pac-n-Zoom binary files used by the blob compressor. Pac-n-Zoom hex files are ASCII hex representations of type 2 Pac-n-Zoom binary files.

The Pac-n-Zoom golden files use much of the Pac-n-Zoom hex file format.

Pac-n-Zoom® Data File :
Pac-n-Zoom currently supports the type 2 or blob compressor *.pnz binary file format. The structure of this format is similar to a *.pnh file.

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