Blob Compressor

A border is composed of four
surfaces . Borders run from critical point to critical point (valley to peak or vice versa).

A geometrical element formed from a group of cluster patterns.

Cluster Patterns:
Cluster patterns are a group of
patterns that build a pattern whose geometrical element is a cluster and color element is a sprite .

A single horizontal line.

Patterns are comprised of geometrical and color elements. The geometrical element can be either a line, shape, border, or cluster, and the color element can be either a blob (single color) or a
sprite .
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The fully built image that the viewer sees.

Picture Patterns:
Picture patterns are the group of
patterns patterns that form the picture.

Shapes have more than one but less than 17 horizontal lines, where no two adjacent lines have western (left edges) that are more than 7 pixels apart.

A sprite contains several or many colors. Each color will be applied to its own geometrical area of a cluster. Sprites may encapsulate other sprites. Then, a sprite is necessarily a color element formed from a group of cluster patterns.

A surface is a line, shape, or a border.

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